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Sanosil UK at a Glance

Water Treatment Products Ltd is a privately owned company based at its manufacturing plant in South Wales.
Water Treatment Products is the only distributor for SanosilĀ® products in the UK, secured from the inventor and patent holder, Sanosil Limited, of Switzerland.
The sales, marketing and distributing of Sanosil Products are all handled by Water Treatment Products.

The Sanosil formula is based on a unique stabilisation process that blends hydrogen peroxide and silver to create a broad-spectrum solution for killing germs. The Sanosil formula has patents filed worldwide, and the efficacy of Sanosil is endorsed by many customers worldwide and supported by over 200 independent tests and many government approvals.

Sanosil is manufactured in Switzerland and the USA under ISO 9001 compliance; and further expansions are planned in the Far East, Middle East and South America.

Sanosil is Committed to Customer Support and Service, and the Future

With full technical support for customers and service providers, complete microbiological treatment plans and troubleshooting support, Sanosil is your partner in sustainable disinfecting solutions.
We are the caretakers of environmental integrity, health and safety.
Sanosil is committed to providing broad-spectrum, microbiological control solutions that are effective, and reduce the introduction of unsafe toxins and their by-products into our treatment procedures. Together, we can ensure a better, and cleaner, future for everyone.

The Environment: Germs and Chemistry

Water Treatment Products is the only distributor for Sanosil® products in the UK

Supported by over 200 independent tests.

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