The Sanosil Formula is Unique, yet Brilliantly Simple

Sanosil Patented Technology – Complex, Synergistic Chemistry

The secret of the Sanosil disinfectants is the combined 2-phase effect of the main ingredients hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver.

The oxygen split off by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of the microorganisms upon direct contact. The chemical reaction of the oxygen with molecules in the cell walls denaturises and destroys these. This effect is boosted by silver ions that bind to the disulfide bonds of certain proteins, both of the reproduction complex as well as of the metabolic system of the microorganisms, and deactivate or precipitate these.

To put it simply: the hydrogen peroxide affects the membrane of the microorganisms, the silver the inside. This combined “hammer and ambos” effect boosts and/or exponentiates the biocide effect of hydrogen peroxide and silver on a large scale.

While H2O2 breaks down into water and oxygen (H2O2= H2O+O2) afterwards, minute traces of silver remain on the disinfected surface. These traces are invisible but actively and effectively counteract regermination.

Working Principles of Sanosil









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