Where is Sanosil typically used to Treat Drinking Water?

  • Storage tanks and cisterns
  • Emergency water disinfection
  • Surface treatment of pipes and reservoirs
  • Potable water tank disinfection
  • Municipal water systems and plants

Advantages of Using Sanosil to Treat Drinking Water

  • Tasteless, colourless and odourless
  • Over 200 tests endorse efficacy and safety
  • Less volume required providing transportation, handling savings compared to sodium hypochloride
  • Long term disinfection

With regards to the treatment of drinking water there are many specific and common areas where effective and economic disinfection is not only desirable, but often a regulatory requirement. These areas include:

  • Drinking water
  • Pipe work
  • Storage tanks
  • Fountains
  • Conservation of emergency water supplies
  • Filter installations
  • Water treatment applications

Sanosil Reduces Water Treatment Costs

  • Sanosil costs less to treat compared to chlorine bleach
  • Sanosil is concentrated and requires approximately 1/15th the volume of bleach. This provides
    storage, handling and insurance savings.
  • Sanosil has a shelf life of greater than one year (Sanosil only loses 1% efficacy per month at 40° C
    vs. chlorine bleach which loses 80% or more efficacy per month.)

Water Plants

  • Sanosil is effective in long water pipes and/or prolonged holding times
  • Sanosil does not alter odour or taste of the treated water

Water Chambers

  • Even when stored for extended periods the water retains its fresh taste
  • In hermetically sealed chambers, Sanosil is sufficient to guarantee sterility for several months

Surface Treatment of Pipes & Reservoirs

  • Sanosil is effective at removing calcareous and sinter deposits on the walls and surfaces of drinking
    water tanks and reservoirs thereby eliminating growth conditions for algae, bacteria, fungi, etc., and
    preventing microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).
  • Sanosil is ideal for ongoing treatment and for disinfecting when commissioning a reservoir that has
    been standing idle for long periods.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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    Supported by over 200 independent tests.

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