Ready-to-use surface disinfectant with a broad application spectrum

Sanosil S003 is a very flexibly applicable universal disinfectant with long-lasting depot effect.
Sanosil S003 is based on the proven Sanosil hydrogen peroxide/silver formula.

Sanosil S003 is the product of choice in:

  • Medicine and research
  • Drinking water equipment
  • Food sector
  • Disinfection of air conditioning systems
  • Sanitary and wellness sector
  • Building maintenance

Short info:

Surface disinfection, aerosol disinfection, room disinfection, spray disinfection
Product type:
Ready to use
Bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi
Contact time: 1 – 60 min.
Shelf life: 2 years
Active ingredients:
1.5% Hydrogen peroxide, 0.0015% silver

Working Principle

The active substance used is hydrogen peroxide. In a complex manufacturing procedure, the active substance is stabilized and boosted with silver, thus achieving a greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms. The traces of silver remaining on the treated surfaces are not
visible. However, they efficiently inhibit a renewed contamination. The elemental oxygen (O2) separated by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of the micro-organisms directly. The chemical reaction between the oxygen and the cell wall molecules will cause these to be denatured and destroyed. This effect is intensified by the silver ions which form a bond with the disulphide bridge of certain proteins of micro-organisms, thereby inactivating or precipitating these proteins.

Surface disinfection

1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated with a suitable cleaner
2. Moisten a microfibre cloth/cleaning rag with Sanosil S003
3. Wet the surface to be disinfected with the cloth and leave a moist film. Objects without smooth surfaces or absorbent materials can also be sprayed directly. If droplets remain on the surface, remove these with a suitable cloth. Otherwise droplets may leave slivery-grey stains after drying under adverse conditions.
4. Let the disinfectant dry. Rinsing with water is not necessary.

Floor disinfection

1. Fill Sanosil S003 into the storage container of a suitable applicator.
2. Wet the cleaned surfaces to be disinfected with the applicator to leave an evenly moist film.

Disinfection of small and machine parts

1. If possible, clean the parts to be treated in the dishwasher or by hand.
2. Fill SanosilĀ® S003 into a container and place the parts in it. Remove after a few minutes and leave to dry. If the disinfectant is not contaminated, it may be used several times.

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