Disinfectant for combating mould and for highly contaminated areas with organic contamination. Ready-to-Use Mould Control Agent.

Sanosil S010 is a patented hydrogen peroxide-based solution designed for use in spot treatment of mouldy surfaces via a standard sprayer or fogged as a dry-mist using the Sanosil Halo Fogger to easily treat all the surfaces in a room. This unscented, ready-to-use formula is effective in controlling mould and ideal for restoration efforts to disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces.

Sanosil S010 is a highly concentrated disinfectant for special applications. Thanks to the high content of active agents and the depot effect, Sanosil S010 is even capable of breaking down mould structures.

This makes it an indispensable aid when it comes to the thorough disinfection of unhygienic showers and wellness areas.

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Sanosil S010 is the product of choice for:

  • Mould remediation
  • Combating biofilms
  • Thorough disinfection of contaminated showers/wellness facilities

Short info:

Suitability: – Combating mould, surface disinfection, spray disinfection, aerosol disinfection

Product type: – Ready to use

Effectiveness: – bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi, broad protozoa spectrum

Contact time: 1 – 30 min.

Packaging: 1kg/L, 5kg/L, 10kg/L, 25kg/L

Shelf life: 2 years

Active ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide and silver

Contents of Sanosil S010:

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2): approx. 5 %; Silver: approx. 0.01%
Sanosil S010 is a ready-to-use fungicide. In addition, Sanosil S010 has also been proven effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, spore-forming organisms, viruses (with and without protective coat), yeast, as well as a wide spectrum of protozoa. The effectiveness of Sanosil Disinfectants has been tested and confirmed against numerous pathogens in more than 220 assays carried out by well-known international institutions (laboratories/universities).

The active substance used is hydrogen peroxide. In a complex manufacturing procedure, the active substance is stabilized and boosted with silver, thus achieving a greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms.

The oxygen (O2) set free by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls (cytoplasm membrane) of the mould in a direct contact. This allows the silver ions to enter the cell unhindered. The monovalent silver ions form strong covalent links with cellular protein. These are thereby inactivated, leading to immediate cell death and killing the treated mycelium.

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