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Portable cold fogging unit

The Sanosil Easy Fog is a portable, electric cold fogging unit for the aerosol application of Sanosil disinfectants.

This is the ideal device for simple and fast surface disinfection of small and medium-sized areas. The universal motor operates at a speed of approx. 20,000 r.p.m., creating a powerful air stream.

Sanosil disinfectants are sprayed in aerosol or mist sized droplets through three rugged nylon nozzles. The mist slowly settles on the surfaces to be treated and, thanks to the small size of the droplets, even reaches corners and places difficult to access.

Technical Data

Dimension: Length 330mm Width 203mm Height 356mm
Weight: 3kg (empty)
Tank Capacity: Approx. 4 litres
Motor: 220 Volt 3.5 Amps
Flow Rate: 0 – 16 litres/hour (adjustable low/med/high)
Projection Range: Approx. 7 m
Particle Size: 7 – 30 um

The Sanosil Easy Fog is operated and adjusted manually. The droplet size can be adjusted but will generally be larger than with Sanosil Halo. This means that on the one hand, a higher quantity of disinfectant can be applied but on the other hand only a part will be in the air as a fine aerosol because of the bigger weight of the droplets. The devices must therefore be moved and adjusted during application. Depending on the setting, the Easy Fog can be used for spray as well as aerosol disinfection.

1. Clean the rooms/surfaces to be treated as thoroughly as possible with water and a cleaning agent.

2. Fill the Sanosil Easy Fog with Sanosil S010.

3. Close doors and windows, put on suitable protective gear (eye and respiratory protection).

4. Start the device and adjust the flow so that the droplet size meets your requirements (cold for – atomised spray).

5. Move around the room with the device to evenly distribute the fog. Start with the rear parts of the room and move backwards toward the exit.

6. Leave the room and do not enter it for at least 2 hours. After that time, you may enter the room normally without any additional measures.

7. Drain any residue of Sanosil S010 from the device and flush it with water.


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